On Global Politics

The notion that we can create global order by the use of force has more limited application. It has to involve, if force has to be used, much more anticipated character of the eventual resolution of the problem. It cannot be undertaken simply because there is a need for response. That is a prescription for getting involved without end, as the problems breed new problems and so forth.

We have to face the fact that we’re now living in a world that has the United States preeminent but not really dominant. But in the absence of American preeminence, there is a real danger that the world will simply fragment into the kind of conflicts we’re seeing now in the Middle East or potentially with Russia, and we would be missing an opportunity to exploit the fact that a primary interest of the Chinese right now is in becoming established as a successful co-leader of the world, eventually perhaps the leader. And that requires a much more sustained diplomatic effort, I think, in addition to some of the things that we’re doing.”